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    Recruiting Top Talent

    When Mission Matters

“I have called on Marilyn Machlowitz over the span of 20 years to help recruit top talent in the areas of training and development, human resources leadership, finance, communications and program leadership while I was at Christie’s, Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation. Marilyn brings to her search work tremendous enthusiasm, commitment and a network rare to find in the search arena. Marilyn takes the time to learn about the role and culture of the organization and then moves quickly to put into place top quality candidates. Marilyn is second to none in her assessment skills, speed and engagement. A successful placement does not end at the signing of an employment contract. Marilyn offers her time and attention after an appointment has been made, aiding the on-boarding process through follow up with hiring managers and the newly appointed employee. Marilyn is always top of my list of people to call when I am looking for hard to find talent.”
- -Samantha H. Gilbert, Principal, S.H. Gilbert Advisors

Executive Searches

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